What Makes A Drama A Hit

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There have been some groundbreaking dramas down through the years that have touched the hearts of many. Millions of people are familiar with well-known characters from classic shows like “ER” and more recent dramas like “Breaking Bad.” These shows survived and captivated audiences because there is a common thread that is interwoven into all of these superb shows. The ingredients like the ones below are sprinkled into any show that becomes a successful drama.

Good Leading Actor

A hit drama, from the very start, has a have a good leading actor. It helps when these stars are well-known, but sometimes a well-known star can hurt a project. A celebrity is typecast, for example, may have a difficult time convincing people of a character that far from what they typically portray.

Sometimes the newcomer actor is just as valuable for a hit drama as someone that is a veteran. A lot of it comes down to the look. A person that is cast into a leading role needs to be somewhat charismatic. It helps when they have an attractive demeanor. This makes it much easier for people to tune in and see how the story line develops.

Excellent Storytelling

The leading actor is essential, but a lead can only portray the character that is presented through the script. A good leading actor with a terrible script will still equate to a terrible show. That means that the writers have to establish a story line that is going to thrive throughout the length of a season.

Some shows fail because the inevitable factors are not planned out well. There are dramas, for example, that have the cliche characters where the man may be in pursuit of a woman that shows no interest. The man may pursue until he finally wins her over. This has been done a thousand times in television, and there is nothing wrong with repeating this formula. The formula works, but it has to go somewhere after this chase ends. There has to be something that keeps the story line moving.

Unexpected Moments

The good drama is one that surprises you. There are unexpected turns that leave viewers wondering how such things could have happened. With the hit drama “Dallas” people asked “Who shot JR?” for years after the show was over. There were t-shirts with this phrase, talk shows that engaged conversation over this and a slew of fans that were hungry for more. It is unexpected moments like this that can drive a show to an iconic nature.

Good Supporting Cast

The script has to be written well, and a good lead has to be cast for the part. These are valuable ingredients in the any hit drama. Seasoning the show with unexpected moments will also cause a stir about a drama. The recipe for a hit drama cannot be completed, however, without a good supporting cast. The lead will stir the show, but the supporting cast will be responsible for helping a drama rise to perfection.

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