The 5 Stages Of Tv Series Finale Grief

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Everyone, at some point, has fallen in love with one or more TV series. How does it feel when any of these series comes to an end? The answer is obvious: you would like it to continue and never to come to an end. Well, this cannot happen and that is why TV series finale grief is becoming a common occurrence. It is a fact that some TV series are well played thereby drawing more viewership and some kind of fanaticism. The much love that is attached to these shows is always accompanied by grief the minute one finishes watching the series.

What are the five stages of TV series finale grief?

1. Denial
Denial is the first stage where you are reluctant to accept the fact that the series has come to an end. It draws a feeling of immature termination of the TV series because every minute you viewed it you were waiting and yearning to see what would happen in the next stage. There is some irritation that is drawn from this and it becomes difficult to accept that it has actually come to an end. If given a chance, most people would vote to have a series repeated, or for it to continue further.

2. Anger
At this stage, you are now not able to contain your feelings. In most cases you will find someone cursing anyone involved in the show. You are completely uncontrollable with a feeling that they had no right to end the show just like that. This, though seemingly easy, may last a couple of days not forgetting one may land in some behaviors that would not impress others.

3. Bargaining
This is the level where you decide to use techniques in a bid to get the show back on air. You may not be surprised to find a single person sending very many letters but from different names trying to send a conviction that every other person wanted the show to be aired once more. However, this may not work considering the next show may be already on and it’s not possible to postpone it to air something that has already passed.

4. Depression
The fourth stage is depression and this makes one to have a feeling that life is useless so long as their favorite show is over. This comes after all attempts to bring it back fail. For instance, how would you feel if no replies came forth after all the effort to send those letters? It’s really hurting but there’s nothing you can do.

5. Acceptance
What happens when the show fails to come back completely? Acceptance is the ultimate and final decision that any loyal viewer should embrace. Life has to go on despite the fact that one feels deprived of his favorite TV series.

Watching your favorite TV series can be exhilarating, but the grief that comes with seeing it come to an end can rob you of the enjoyment you had in the whole show. However, it’s important to try as much as possible to control your feelings when the show comes to an end because that’s not the end of good shows.

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