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Kim Kardashian is envied and much admired for the flawless, elegant beauty she displays on most occasions. Although many say it is due to an expert makeup artist, none can deny that they are working with a great canvas. At Givenchy Fashion Show in Paris, her makeup made waves and many are trying to achieve the chic elegant style all the way down to the bun. A series on YouTube, The Makeup Stick, Kayla, one of the two hostesses, demonstrated how she achieves the same effect.

Flawless Skin

She started with a Maybelline foundation on her much fairer than Kim’s skin. The idea is to achieve a smooth even tone and the impression of flawless skin. Some may use foundations that give them more than a flawless look and also protects their skin from UV rays. Next she used concealer lighter than her complexion to contour as well as highlight the bridge of her nose, chin, forehead, under her eyes and eyebrows. She used an expert face brush to blend it in.

Smoky Eyes

She thickened and darkened her brows with both black and brown eye brow pencil and shaped her brows into arches. She applied a product to keep her eye shadow in place and prevent it from settling into the creases before next applying a shadow from her Sleek Storm pallet, shimmering gold for her lids with brown in the crease. She blended the shadow and spread the brown upward toward the brow. Some people use as many as four different color shadows to achieve this look. She used an angle brush to apply brown shadow to her bottom eyelids. After applying eyeliner and going over it several times, she set it with the brown eye shadow as well. She added a light shimmer shadow to the inner corners of her eyes. Kayla next curled her lashes and applied Maybelline mascara before adding false eye lashes to create the extra-long lashes that Kim Kardashian is noted for.

Lips and Flawless Finish

She applied a peachy cream blush to contour her cheeks before applying bronzer heavily around her face and then used an expert face brush to blend and contour. She next applied shimmering highlighter above the cheek bones for emphasis. She applied plummy brown lipstick by first applying a deep plummy undercoat and then shimmering brown plummy top coat before using translucent powder to set her makeup in place.

The Look

Kayla achieved a similar look for her fairer complexion, but Kim’s more golden tone adds a dimension of color that can’t be achieved by makeup. However, the effect Kayla achieved, the smoky eyes, plummy brown lips, flawless skin, and high cheekbones, are features that are important to creating the look. The key is choosing the right color, shades, and hues to achieve the look for any skin tone. For more makeup tip from Kayla and episodes of Makeup Stick, you can check out the Kayla and Maria’s YouTube Channel. You will also find others who achieved the Kim Kardashian look in a variety of races and skin tones at YouTube.

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