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Celebrities are acknowledged and awarded annually at every Oscars celebration event. Although the focus of the Oscars is to highlight the success of each star and their work, it is also a renowned platform for stars to showcase their personal style, as well as some prominent fashion designers too. One would assume that in order to achieve such a high-end trendy Oscars look you would need a huge budget for designer clothing and a full fledged professional style team, however this is a misconception. All you need to achieve a polished celebrity Oscars look is to be hip to the latest fashion trends,(have a little fashion sense), and a keen eye for detail. If you are unsure of what works for your body type seek help from a boutique professional on a day out to try on dresses who can better assist you. If you just don’t have any fashion sense to begin with then you can Google Oscars looks for a general idea or look to creditable fashion websites and magazines for some updating.

One great tip to remember for a winning Oscars look is to keep it simple. As the old saying goes “less is more.” A classic red or black floor length dress/gown without the ruffles and sequins/designs and a pair of basic stiletto heels will do the job. Avoid heavy hair styling or “Shirley temple” curls and opt for a low slicked back ponytail. If you need to wear bangs a side swept look is preferable. Always remember if you are going with a heavy eye-shadow or a “smokey-look” to not overdo it with the lipstick. Instead opt for a soft nude lipstick or a tinted lip gloss to balance out overdone eyes. Likewise If you are going with a classic bright red lip like Marilyn Monroe, skip the eye-shadow and instead use a eyeliner, or line the outer lids with black or brown eye-shadow as opposed to applying powder to the entire lid. No need for foundation or heavy powder if you are not a makeup expert; simply apply some neutral bronzer around the outer edges of the face and top portion of forehead. Be sure to not overdo it but that it is apparent… (Check makeup in outside natural light for validation.) If you would like more advanced makeup look ask a experienced family member or friend, or hire a local independent makeup artist with a great reputation who specializes in makeup for formal events.

A successful Oscars look incorporates classic vintage pieces with contemporary clothing/accessories. An example would be a asymmetrical solid colored dress (black or red will never go wrong), paired with some lace-style tights or edgy ankle boots. Skip the fancy accessories in the hair and bright colored or patterned fabrics. Strive for a clean, sophisticated look as opposed to “Look at me!” Elegant gowns/ dresses can be found at a local boutique or tuxedo shop (for men), where you can get help with finding the right fit for your body build and can get help obtaining a dress/tuxedo with an Oscar appeal as well as get a great deal. You can even opt to rent one to scale down your budget!

A winning Oscars look is demure, elegant, and timeless! Simple jewelry additions like a diamond necklace or bracelet is acceptable but nothing that dangles or “blings” too much. Try to avoid Gothic trends, facial piercings, and tattoos. These should be removed (piercings), or concealed (tattoos). Chains and multiple rings, or large handbags and glitter is tacky and unacceptable for a Oscars event look. For men the effort of achieving an Oscars look is obtained with a little less hassle. Long hair should be slicked back and short or medium length hair should be cut neatly and styled contemporary. Solid colored tuxedos are recommended. Beards and mustaches should be trimmed neatly and previous recommendations about piercings or eccentric fabric patterns should also be observed. Men should avoid khakis, jeans, knickers, hats and tennis shoes no exceptions. All garments for both genders should be professional cleaned and pressed if necessary.

With these notable fashion tips you should be on your way to obtaining your celebrity Oscars look in half the time and without the huge price tag or the hassle!

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