How To Get The Blair Waldorf Look

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Blair Waldorf, also known as Serena’s best friend on Gossip Girl, sports an incredible look every time she appears in public. Her girly polished cloths, is a very desirable look for a change-up from traditional dress. Capturing the Waldorf look begins with recognizing the look. The following tips will have you looking good, turning heads, and receiving complements, while flaunting the Waldorf look.

Whenever Waldorf appears in public she looks like she step off a page from fashion magazine. Her style is about perfection from the shoes she wares up to her perfect hair. When trying to duplicate her style, one of the best descriptions of the Waldorf look is one of being both “preppy and polished”.

On Gossip Girl, Waldorf can be seen wearing a Marc Jacobs dress. The dress accents Waldorf figure in a cute, girly way. To reproduce the look of the dress on Waldorf you won’t have to shell out he hundreds of dollars on purchasing the dress, instead, hire the dress from Hiring the dress is the best way to reproduce the Waldorf look without having to spend a fortune. The Waldorf look is completed with a compliment of equally cute small accessories such as hair bows and bands, or a vast assortment of other headpieces can be used.

Although jeans are a staple in almost any wardrobe, they are not part of the Waldorf look. Pants are not a part of the look either. Waldorf’s attire is classy, and sophisticated, She can often be seen wearing tailored jackets, and matching everything from her shoes to her handbag. Reproducing her look will take a lot of skirts, well fitting dresses, and accessories the produce a complete, smart, and polished appearance to your ensembles. Everything needed to duplicate the Waldorf look can be found at There you are able to browse lots of cute attire, and find the skirts, dresses, tailored jackets, and polishing accessories needed for the Waldorf look.

As an added tip remember that while the Waldorf look is about perfection, it not about restriction. The Waldorf look gives you the freedom to express yourself, just do it with a sophisticated flare. While you may not have Waldorf’s body type, the duplication is more about the fit of the clothes. Find attire that fits your body type the same way Waldorf’s fit her. This means understanding the cuts, and contour of the articles of clothing you are shopping for. Like with any fashion style, the Waldorf will work best for you when you add your own personal touches to it. Understand these tips are not a bible, but more an outline to help you recognize articles of clothing that will fit well in the Waldorf look.

Now you have it. If you follow these tips you can easily reproduce the stunning Waldorf look, and enjoy the many compliments that come with the cute, polished, sophisticated attire that will make you look marvelous for any occasion from a casual night on the town, to a professional gala event.

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