How To Dress Like Victoria Justice

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Victoria Justice has made her way from childhood stardom on the Nickelodeon Network, to a graceful entry into the elite. The most captivating and achievable aspects of her unique style are the combinations of youthful free styles edging toward adult poshness. What does this mean for the fan and admirer who wishes to mimic her interesting choices of wardrobe? It means the utmost attention paid to fashion that has the ability to accentuate burgeoning features like waistlines, hips, legs, and feet.

The strapless pencil dress is a staple of the Victoria Justice look. With an average frame, any woman can find a new take on streamlined femininity with a sequenced dress featuring a cross accent. The bandage-like cross accents move visual attention away from any voluptuous features below the belt line, in-turn focusing the attention on a slim and proportioned waistline. Victoria Justice has always exhibited the proportions of voluptuousness. Her choices of dresses and other outfits always bring attention to her ultra-feminine form and potential.

Victoria Justice’s sense of style is quite universal. Her brand of dress is centered on classic womanly features like a relaxed bust line, healthy hips, and long legs. Strapless dresses in the Victoria Justice style should lift and accentuate the upper body, while elongating the lower portions. Victoria usually achieves this affect with fabric paneling. Simple contrasts are the quickest way to look like Victoria.

The unspoken secret to any Victoria Justice-inspired outfit is the tie-in with fashionable footwear. It is important to remember that Victoria Justice is a celebrity with an active lifestyle. She always dresses as an actress, singer, and dancer. Even her shoe choices reflect this.

Try to find a sleek and solid color shoe that is fun, sleek, but does not detract from the visual lines of the outfit. Plain black high heels in a soft suede should do the trick. Victoria Justice is also a fan of athletic fashion footwear which allows her to feel free and spontaneous. Canvas isn’t out of the question, and midtown loafers are cool, as long as they go with the entire ensemble.

Victoria Justice is also a fan of fashion handbags and accessories. She loves “bling” as long as it matches the patterns and purpose of her entire ensemble. Handbags with urban materials like denim are great. An addition of faux gems and luster is also acceptable as long as it doesn’t look too flashy against the woman who is carrying it.

Victoria Justice is a woman’s woman who has learned how to balance the demands of stardom fashion with her own desire for comfort and utility. She believes it is alright to dress-up even when the atmosphere doesn’t require it, but never should a woman sacrifice comfort for flashiness. Her youthful fashion sensibility is easily mimicked by women of various shapes and income levels. Victoria’s style has proven to be very important in her overall appearance. She is utterly committed to clothing and accessories which help her look mature, but provide the freedom necessary for an active, carefree and fun lifestyle.

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