How To Dress Like Selena Gomez

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Former-Disney star turned superstar, Selena Gomez has become a fashion icon. She makes it look incredibly easy to stay classy and have fun at the same time. Her style is always young and fresh, but also tasteful. She loves bright colors and her outfits are never too revealing.

These two Selena Gomez looks are great for a day of shopping and then going out for the night. They’re also easy to mix and match, so you can add your own personal touch to them both if you’d like.

Selena’s Red Carpet Look

Turn heads with one of Selena’s eye-catching red carpet looks. While other celebrities walk the red carpet in evening wear, Selena isn’t afraid to come out in outfits that are a lot more fun and young. Selena can make a side-slit midi skirt paired with a bralet top look great for any event and you can too. Make sure that your midi skirt is high-waisted and that your top isn’t too revealing. A high-waisted skirt will help accent your curves and the slit shows off some leg, but not too much. Midi skirts come down to just below the knee. Choose a skirt in a nice, bright color like coral or another pastel tone to maintain that youthful vibe.

When selecting a bralet top choose one that provides a bit of contrast with the color of your midi skirt, but make sure they don’t clash. A denim-effect top is great with coral. Denim goes with practically everything. Pair this combo with your favorite pointed, patent leather shoes in black. A pair of sophisticated pumps smartens up the entire outfit and gets you ready for any party or for dancing at your favorite nightclub. You can even rock this look for lunch or dinner with your friends.

Selena’s Day-To-Day Look

The second Selena-inspired outfit is more casual. This is a style that’s great for when you’re out and about during the day or just going out for coffee. Go high-waisted again, but this time with high-waisted hot pants to reveal lots of leg. Acid-washed jeans are back in style, so go for some acid-washed high-waisted hot pants to be extra trendy. With your hotpants, wear a lace top, but remember that it should be nothing too revealing. A lace-topped vest is perfect. It will keep your midriff and bust covered, but has lace across your shoulders and down your back. This outfit is modest and edgy all at the same time, while also being comfortable so you can get all of your activities does in style.

Your shoes for the casual Selena look should be flat sandals. Flat, strappy sandals with patent leather straps are perfect, especially in black. If you’re heading out for a day of fun with friends or just running errands you’ll also need a good bag. Choose a simple satchel style bag. A natural, light brown will match this outfit and lots of other outfits too. Satchel bags have a long strap so you can wear your bag as short or as long as you like.

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