How To Dress Like Rachel Bilson

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For a laid back and chic look, you should take some pointers from Rachel Bilson. Rachel never fails to look both stylish and comfortable at the same time. Her style is a great one to wear when you head out for a day of shopping or if you’re meeting friends for dinner or coffee. Her look is easy to nail and it’s a very economical style as well. Rachel went from The OC to Hart of Dixie and you can easily go from class to dinner with her look.


Prints are really in style right now. Rachel Bilson definitely loves a neat print. She usually chooses to wear a print in the form of a loose-fitting, airy blouse. This helps to add interest to an ultra simple outfit rather than just wearing a plain, solid-colored blouse. A print blouse easily pairs with a simple pair of jeans or even tights, just as easily as a solid blouse would. Lean toward neutral colors like black and white if you really want to stick to Rachel’s style. Also look for blouses that have a little bit of a color pop as well like black and white with some pink tones in the background. Modern looking animal prints like leopard or tiger are great. Blouses with wrap fronts as well as low V-shaped necklines are excellent for creating a very laid back look.


Black jeans are extremely chic. Rachel is a fan of skinny jeans and if you can find a pair of black skinny jeans then they’ll match any print blouse perfectly. Also consider a pair of black tights with an interesting texture like faux-leather or anything a bit more edgy than just plain spandex, but stay away from prints on your tights. Both of these options are great for spring and winter alike.


Rachel loves very floaty dresses that are loose-fitting and breathable, just like her tops. A shorter dress that has longer sleeves is great for any season. During colder weather you can simply pair it with your tights, mentioned previously. You can also pair it with a black blazer on those particularly cold days. Be sure to choose a dress with an interesting pattern, but nothing too flashy. A very modern and abstract floral pattern is great, especially if it’s in black and white with another color such as light pink or purple to give it a little bit of a pop.


Simple, black ankle boots will go perfectly with any Rachel Bilson-inspired outfit. Black leather or black suede with only zippers and nothing flashy are ideal. Another option are ankle boots in an earthy brown color as well as ankle boots with simple straps. Natural brown, suede boots look great with black jeans. Low heels or even flats are preferred to maintain the casual style. Don’t forget your bag either. A shopper style bag is great. Look for one in black leather to match your shoes. They’re big enough to fit everything you’ll need throughout the day and they’re also very classic.

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