How To Dress Like Cara Delevingne

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Cara Delevingne is a fashion model, actress, singer and socialite from England. She is well-known for her amazing fashion sense, and many girls and women are looking for ways to dress like Cara. If you are one of these girls or women, you’ve come to the right place. Learn how to dress just like Cara and get her amazing style.

Rocker Chic Style

Cara Delevingne has a signature rocker chic style that she loves. The tattoos she has help a lot with this look. You’ll see Cara wearing biker boots with a short skirt and leggings or a ball gown length dress with lace up the arms. She likes to take things up a notch and rarely wears just a basic shift dress or a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. She always has something special on.

Casual Cara Delevingne Style

In terms of casual outfits, Cara does wear jeans or colored pants on occasion. she likes to pair these with ankle boots or spike heels. On top, she sometimes wears graphic tees or a lacy top. She might throw a more basic t-shirt or sweatshirt on, but if she does that, then she plays up the pants. She has been seen wearing striped pants and even polka dotted pants.

Semi-Formal Cara Delevingne Style

For semi-formal affairs, Cara usually wears her hair down with a part in the center. She doesn’t like to create up-dos very often unless she is going to a very formal event. At a semi-formal event, she favors heels over flats and short dresses over long dresses. She might wear a short dress with ankle boots.

Formal Cara Delevingne Style

For very formal events, Cara gets very dressed up and looks super glamorous. She likes to go on the red carpet looking her best. Some of her best looks are on the red carpet. One of her signature dresses is a long, black gown with a deep V-neck and long sleeves. The sleeves are made of black lace, and the lace flows along the back of the dress as well. She pairs this dress with a black clutch and black heels.

Get the Makeup and Hair Right

Finally, don’t forget to get the same hair and makeup as Cara. In terms of hair, Cara wears it long. Most of the time, it is a dirty blonde color with highlights, but sometimes, Cara can be spotted with light blonde or dark brown hair.

Be sure to style your eyebrows just like Cara’s as well. She wears her brows very dark and thick. Some people might even say that they are too thick, but they look great on her. Most of the time, Cara’s eye makeup is light. She wears a lot of black mascara and some black eye liner, but she doesn’t use a lot of eyeshadow most of the time. You will see red lips on Cara quite often, so try a bold cherry lip every once in a while with your Cara Delevingne outfits.

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