How To Do Your Makeup Like Lana Del Rey

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Lana Del Ray has amazing look that is quickly catching on throughout Hollywood. You probably are wondering how you can achieve a look like Lana Del Ray’s and fortunately it is pretty easy to achieve if you have the right products and you put the time in.

There are huge amount of products that you will need to achieve this look, but you can acquire most of them pretty easily. It is recommended that you find high quality products that you can trust. You will need to get Plum, Navajo, and Wood Rose eye Shadow. You will also need Mascara, foundation, Concealer, and Nevada Lip color. Make sure you get products you can trust before you start out.

The first step is to apply your foundation and your concealer. Take your brush and take your gel foundation to the skin. Work from the center of your face towards the outside of your face. After this you should take a smaller brush and brush the concealer under your eyes being sure to blend it well. You will also need to add concealer to any areas that show redness.

The next step involves taking care of your eyebrows. Take some clear brow gel or some clear mascara and brush the eyebrows into place. Then you should take some brow color and define your eye brows a little bit more.

Your next step is to add your mascara. You will need to add a thick coverage of the mascara to both your top and your bottom lashes.
Then you will have to add eye liner. Take a very thin eye shadow brush and just follow along the natural shape of the eye and make a thick flick with eye liner gel running just before the inner corner of your eye.

Your fifth step is to add eye shadow. Take a defined eye shadow brush and brush your dark plum eye shadow under the lower the lower lashes. This will add definition. Then add the rose eye shadow on the upper eye socket. Finally, take some Navajo eye shadow and add it to the center of the eye lid.

The next step is to add your false lashes to really emphasize the look. Then take some Taupe blush and brush under the cheek bones
The next step is your lips. Take your gel foundation and blot your lips their natural color. Then, add your Nevada lip color. This will give your lips a wonderful look.

Finally, you are going to want to add skin finishing powder on your forehead and in the area around your nose. This will complete your look.

Lana Del Ray has become famous for her vintage look, which is achieved via her use of makeup. If you use high quality makeup and that you apply it in the right way, then you will be able to achieve this look in no time. Lana Del Ray has an impressive look and you will now be able to impress your friends with this look.

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