How To Do Your Hair Like Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift is a pop superstar who has taken the charts by storm. With her new look and her talent for writing a catchy tune, she has captured many people’s hearts and has proven time and again not to be underestimated. When it comes to being a firecracker like Taylor Swift, style is everything. This is especially true for those who look up to Taylor Swift and want to replicate her looks to not only improve their own style but empower. Taylor’s looks are, fortunately, very easy to replicate and anyone can take some style tips from Ms. Swift’s repertoire.

Taylor is someone who has a very distinct style, yet she also changes her look frequently. However, she still keeps the same stylistic whole. Taylor’s character is one of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed country girl. But, because her look is so versatile, it is able to be translated to virtually any type of person and still look great. Taylor’s hair is especially desirable for many people because it looks very fun and flirty, yet still very classy. Surprisingly, there is not too much that goes into getting a Taylor Swift look and it can be done in very little time, with few products.

Taylor is one of the biggest voices in fashion right now and with her influence stretching across the globe, many people are taking tips from her style. The biggest trend that Taylor has taken to heart is the straight hair with short bangs trend. This involves using a flattening iron and running it the full length of the hair, all the way down to the tips. This will create a very sleek look that is extremely classy and vibrant. Next, take the flattening iron and take short bangs in the front and curl them inward, toward the face. Make sure that the bangs stop just short of eye-level.

However, Taylor Swift’s signature hair style is half-straight and half-curly. She is most commonly seen with this hairstyle on red carpets or in promotional materials. It is very easy to achieve this hairstyle. Take the straightening iron and straighten hair halfway. Then, take the remaining hair and wrap it around the straightening iron. Slowly turn the straightening iron in the direction that you wrapped the hair in order to create a curl. This can also be done with a curling iron for efficiency.

Looking good can sometimes be achieved with just a simple hair straightening iron. Taylor Swift prides herself on not overdoing her look and making sure that things are elegant, yet simple. Achieving her looks from the comfort of your own home takes very little time and just some simple hair spray. If you are someone who is a fan of Taylor Swift and you want to get the same look she has rocked on red carpets across the world, nothing could be easier. You too can get the fashionable and beautiful look that makes you look vibrant and radiant wherever you go. You’ll be standing out from the crowd with your new Taylor Swift inspired look!

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