How To Do A Catwalk Inspired Faux Hawk Hairstyle

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When it comes to fashion and style, whatever you see going down the catwalk, is what’s in today. One of the latest styles that has been worn on many catwalks, is the Faux Hawk hairstyle. This is a very hot hairstyle, that can easily be worn with many different outfits, whether you’re going out for a night on the town, or for a casual evening at home.

If you like the hairstyle, and you would like to know how to re-create it, simply follow the written instructions, in order to get this hairstyle on your own. You can do it by yourself, but if possible, ask a friend for help. You’ll need the following items: a curling iron, a brush for back-combing, Kirby grips, and some hairspray. Make sure that you have these items available in front of you, prior to starting the hairstyle.

Step 1. Begin By Curling The Hair: You’ll want to heat up the curling iron hot enough to be effective. You’ll then take small sections of the hair, and begin to curl them, until you have your entire head of hair curled. You can make the curls tight if you’d like, but eventually you’re going to run your fingers through the curls, and loosen them up. When you begin loosening up the curls, make them look natural and wavy, by pulling them apart, and running your fingers through them.

Step 2. Section Off Your Hair: You can split your hair into two sides, then take the front half, around the crown, and tie it away from the rest of your hair. Make sure the hair you have tied off, is a section just above the ears.

Step 3. French Twist The Hair: The rest of the hair that has been left out, needs to be backcombed, and then you’ll spray it with the hairspray. Then begin to French Twist the hair, until it begins to have a roll type shape. You’ll then fasten the hair with the Kirby grips, and add some additional hairspray.

Step 4. Do An Additional French Twist: You’re going to take the next half of hair, and split it in half, and then you will spritz it with hairspray, then begin to roll it into the French Twist that you did prior to this one. Make sure you back-comb this section first, and French Twist it as well, before rolling it.

Step 5. Make A Wave Creation: The rest of the hair that is left, you’ll back-comb it, and also add hairspray. Comb it so you add volume to the hair by backcombing the roots. You’ll bring the last piece of hair back into the look of a wave, and you’ll use it to cover up the French Twist that you did previously, then you’ll pin it in place. Add some more hairspray, which will make the hair hold, and finish up the look.

You have now created an enviable look that is catwalk worthy, and can also go for a night on the town.

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