How To Accept An Oscar

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After spending an extended period of your time promoting yourself and showing an audience what you are capable of, being recognized for your abilities is what it is all about. In most cases, this will be accomplished through awards and other forms of appreciation. One such award is the ever popular night at the Oscars, where participants can be seen hanging on the arm of the most important people in their lives. Unfortunately, after being nominated and chosen for an Oscar, the recipient must accept it, and this is where the problem arises. Here are a few tips to help you accept your Oscar.

The Chosen One

After being invited to the big night you might be thinking that you have a chance at being chosen, however, unless you know the facts ahead of time it is a good idea to assume that you won’t be walking to the podium. That does not mean that you won’t win, but it will have an improved outcome on the way you are seen when the camera turns to you to capture your reaction. As a nominee for an Oscar, you will already be ahead of the game, however, it is important to remember that there are other nominees, which simply means that one of them could walk away with the Oscar.

Short And Sweet

It is important to remember that being nominated for a golden trophy is an honor, but it doesn’t mean that the world has to hear everything about your life before they go home. Whether you are fortunate enough to win or that prize goes to someone else, you should come prepared to accept the trophy. Since you already know that you have been nominated, you will have enough time to prepare an acceptance speech, one that is to the point and won’t send anyone off to sleep.

Choose Your Topic Carefully

It has often been stated that two things should be avoided when communicating with others, Religion and Politics. As an actor, you will need to be sensitive to both topics, especially when you are called to accept a prize. The fact that you are being acknowledged for a prize does not give you the right to use your current status behind the microphone to bully the audience. The easiest way to get through your speech is to choose a topic long before you leave for the event and stick with it.

What Are You Wearing

As it stands, men are generally not affected by the way they fill out a suit, on the other hand, their female counterparts are usually under scrutiny at events that require the participants to dress up. Regardless of whether you actually win the prize, or you are just attending, it will help to dress like a winner. It should be noted that the Oscars is probably one of the more photographed events in history so even if you are not nominated, proper attire should be considered. Of course, accepting your trophy in jeans and a tee shirt may be considered as inappropriate.

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