How Do Producers Plan Shoots For Reality Shows

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A shows calendar starts with casting. This is very important that most producers give it a lot of time. In this step, you need to have all the tools and equipment needed for the job. Here are the steps that producers have to follow when planning shoots for reality shows.

Story arc

Shows are designed to create story arcs either by where the producer is, the situation they put people in or the sequencing of events. This allows the producer to get the story beats of the show. A classic structure of a reality show consists of three main stages; the beginning, middle and end. Over these stages, the character changes in behavior and may have a different form from when the show started.


The producer should have a good sequence of events. This enables them to build the characters and make the story to flow. They have to think about the situation the show will create in people and how the show will end. The story beats in the show should be considered. In most shows, the producer will make sure that the show starts in a rather low note and then progress from there.

During planning, the producer plots out what the main story points will be for every episode. You have to keep a loose format because personalities will emerge and you might see other opportunities. These opportunities help you to reorganize the show and to improve some sections. If the format is rigid, you may not be able to change some of the areas when the opportunities emerge. You might also realize that your cast will not have any impact on the viewers. With this in mind, you can improve the cast to make it more exciting. For example, if you had a character jumping from a plane with a parachute, you can do away with the parachute and let the character jump without the parachute.

The producer will always know the emotions that the show should have on the viewers. They also know the conflicts they are going for. These conflicts are very important in the reality show because they move the show from one idea to another. A producer will always try to condense what happens in real life into a reality show. They try to show those conflicts that are there in real life. They pick up the behaviors and different characters to show those people in real life. They always pick on stories that they think will be exciting for the audience to see.
These story lines could be about the different conflicts in the society, conflicts, struggles and other happenings in real life. A producer will try to win the emotions of the audience through the show. The audience should be curious to know what will happen after one episode. This will make them watch the next episode and follow their main characters all the time. Thus, in planning for reality show shoot, the producer will always have the target audience in mind.

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