8 Reasons Why Adam Sandler Has not Won An Oscar

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Adam Sandler is well known in the movies, although he may not be well respected by critics. His movies still make millions of dollars, and although their reviews may be entirely too low, to make an impression on viewers, they still make money. There are several reasons why Adam Sandler has not won an Oscar to date, and here are eight of those reasons.

1. In the past five years, Adam Sandler’s movies have not gotten over 50% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. Rotten Tomatoes is a well-known website that gives scores on movies, and the higher the score, the better the movie. It’s rare if a movie gets 50% or lower, but many of Adam Sandler’s movies score very low on this websites ratings. If he could just get his ratings up some more, he may be on his way to making better movies, but still no guarantee of an Oscar.

2. He’s stated before that it was not for critics; why he chose to get into making movies. This is understandable, because critics are usually just people who feel they have the right to critique a movie, but they may have never made one themselves, or acted in one. No matter what, critics are still needed to help a movie go forward, and to possibly sell more tickets.

3. When he went to New York University, his acting instructors had many doubts that he would be successful at all, in acting. Sometimes your haters can be your biggest motivators, because he went on to make millions of dollars from his bad acting, spoof comedies, and terrible plot lines. Just goes to show, don’t judge a book by its cover. Either way, his movies are still unlikely to gain him Oscar nominations.

4. “Blended” was his latest movie, and its score was 14% on Rotten Tomatoes. With the continuous low scores coming from his movies, an Oscar is not only out of reach, but implausible.

5. A critic noted one time, that Adam Sandler might urinate out of the movie screen, if he felt it would make others laugh. It’s understandable that Adam does comedy, but the critic is right in a way; his movies do anything and everything to make his audience laugh. Sometimes the laughs are very tasteless, and not something that the audience may want to see.

6. Adam recently accepted a four movie deal with Netflix, simply because the word Netflix rhymes with “wet chicks.” This reason in itself, shows why he is behind in the Oscar race.

7. The worst movie of the year awards, called the “Razzies,” Adam Sandler’s movie “Jack and Jill,” won in all 10 categories, which is a first ever for any movie; now that’s just really bad about any movie!

8. Adam stated that as a child, it was never in his mind to be making an Oscar speech one day. The fact that he shows the lack of interest to gain an Oscar, will more than likely never earn him one.

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